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Sneaking off to Sicily

Well, it‘s about time! After chasing…and catching Chichen Itza last January (and pausing for a couple of medical procedure adventures [including a new – ceramic of course – hip for Marsha])…we‘re off on a cultural and culinary jaunt through magical, … Continue reading

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Ending on a High Cenote [Redux of Redux]

Yikes! Sorry everyone! The last post of our Mexico adventure apparently was not published, and is somehow screwed up totally! No worries though (I hope). Just click on the link below and you should be able to get it to … Continue reading

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Finishing on a High Cenote [Redux]

[Forgive me if you did already get this! Apparently I tried to send out the draft, before it was saved. I just heard that almost no “subscribers” have seen it…the final post in the Mexico series. So here it is … Continue reading

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