Traveling Local in a Crazy Year!

The Crosswicks Creek, part of the Abbott Marshlands

In this upside down year, we’ve had no choice but to turn our travels “upside down” too (and maybe “inside out”). Instead of heading to places both far and foreign (at least for a while – we’ve actually begun to plan a trip for next April to South Africa – stay tuned) we’re taking a new, hard, eyes wide open look at what’s not far from our front door.

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Patagonia Pix

From Santiago to Patagonia to Buenos Aires and all the stops in between. Click below to see the photos organized by place. The library is called, “Patagonia”, and each location has its own gallery to view (so you don’t have to plow through everything).

The Patagonia Library

The trip was a blast, made even more exciting knowing you had “come along”. See you again soon!

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Last Day — Tigre…and Home

Hard to believe, but it was the last day of our adventure(s) in Chile and Argentina. Since our overnight flight back to Miami didn’t leave until about 10 pm we decided to bus out of Buenos Aires north about 25 miles to explore the city and delta of Tigre – a weekend getaway for hard-working locals.

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