Off to Delhi (not the Carnegie)

Sunday Afternoon….

The reality is starting to set in as the organizing and packing begin in earnest. We’re figuring 24 hours elapsed time from Bordentown to Delhi tomorrow, 14.5 of those hours in the coach cabin of Air India. Let there be a Yogi aboard…ooohhhhmmmm! Or as Marsha would prefer; a Xanex.

We’re really excited, especially after some of the good ideas and tips we’ve received from those of you who have made the trip before. If anyone else has any, please send them on.

This is a test post to make sure the netbook and connections are working, but it’s also a thank you for joining with us.


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5 Responses to Off to Delhi (not the Carnegie)

  1. nancyburns says:

    Will think of you as I lay on the beach in Mexico. Have fun and be safe. Watch what you eat. NO STREET FOOD JOEL.

  2. Pauline Candaux says:

    Safe travels! Looking forward to your posts.

  3. Don Stoll says:

    We’ll follow your blog if you follow ours…
    Eastern Europe is not India – it snowed in Sofia, Bulgaria today – and that is no April fool….

    • jfdowshen says:

      Sorry about all the snow Don & Pat…just think of how comfortable we’ll be tomorrow since the forecast in Delhi is a high of 99 F. That’s no April fool either! Continue havin’ fun!

  4. judith wolfe says:

    You are about to embark on a sensational journey. Enjoy all of the color, sounds and sights along the way. Just do not drink the water.

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