New Children’s Book

Hi guys! Haven’t posted in a while, but will be heading to Guatemala in January and will keep you up to speed (any tips would be welcome if you’ve been there).

In the meantime my gaggle of new grandchildren inspired me to publish a story I wrote based on a true event (really). Marsha and I were in the yard a few years back and in loped a kitten with a plastic Hellmanns mayonnaise jar stuck on her head. She was trying desperately to get it off. Marsha grabbed her and we worked the jar off. Inside the jar was a nice, juicy cricket. They both ran/hopped off in opposite directions and we ended up laughing hysterically. It was a kid’s story in the making.

So I finally found a good illustrator and here’s a sample of what we’ve done. I published a few for the kids of course, but also listed it on Amazon so it could be available as a gift for other’s kids and grand kids. Since it’s holiday time I thought I’d share it with you in case you need a last minute gift for the little one’s in your life. Here’s a direct link to the Amazon page:

Amazon Link to Jarhead

In the meantime, have truly wonderful holidays. And, we’ll be asking you to join us in Guatemala soon!

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    With apologies to Ted Geisel….

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