Welcome to Tikal


Entering the National Park of Tikal, this is one of the first sights you see. The city was inhabited from 600 BC to 869 AD. It reached it’s peak between 690 and 850 AD.


Some of the cutting edge architecture of one of the Great Plazas at the heart of the ancient city. The complex is overwhelming, covering hundreds of square miles (only some of which fully excavated. The grassy hill in front is one of the many un-excavated sites.


After a long climb, Marsha looks over the main acropolis where you can almost see the Mayan marketplace, meeting places and ceremonial edifices. The weather has been totally incredible. The overcast has kept the heat down so clambering over the site is very comfortable. Can’t imagine doing this in the usual 100+ degrees this time of year.


Time for a quick rest and some contemplation. Really enjoying.


No, not a peacock, but amazingly colorful local wild turkeys.


Scaffolding left on one of the main temples. But, continuing work still in question. We climbed to the top for an amazing view of the entire complex. Mostly see jungle with the tops of temples and pyramids peaking up through the foliage.


Where we were looking from. Look carefully and you can see the people on the upper terrace. Some of the climbs are a bit scary. Almost no guard rails on vertical drops to the jungle floor. Some cases of vertigo in our group, but everyon forges ahead.


After a long day of jungle exploration we cajole our guide to stop in the beautiful lake-side town of Flores. Amazing colors up and down the cobblestone streets. Lots of quaint bars and restaurants. We stop to take advantage of happy hour at a nice little restaurant…for the tiniest caipharinas ever. But a good time had by all.


We spot a small church on our way back. It was Saturday and they were cleaning up from the day’s communal weddings. Locals do this to save big bucks. Only problem is that sometimes different brides accidentally leave with different grooms. Only kidding. Tomorrow off the the Rio Dulce; the Sweet River.

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4 Responses to Welcome to Tikal

  1. Sekita says:

    Another fantastic trip. Loving Joel’s hand.Cannot wait for the next instalment. A huge but belated happy birthday to Marsha. I miss you guys.

  2. bob collins says:

    Looks like a great trip so far, glad ur not baking in hot sun. How are yur accomodations? bob

    • Rhoda says:

      So great “traveling” with you. How are accomodations, food & wine? Sounds like an ideal small group, what organization are you traveling with?
      Happy discoveries! Rhoda

  3. Pauline Candaux says:

    Looks like a great tour. and you’ve posted neat photos.

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