Eilat to Jerusalem – Last Full Day

Winding down now. Spent about 5 hours working our way back to Jerusalem, this time north along the Dead Sea on Rt. 90.

A long drive, now among some familiar sights. The desert seems endless, but beautiful.

We always knew Israel and its people are amazing, but a few more things put on an exclamation point. When God gives Israelis lemons, they really do make lemonade. The dead, dead water and barren land just gives them the opportunity to squeeze out some gold in the form of manganese, much sold to Volkswagen. Potash plants for fertilizer are also booming, serving the world’s fertilizer needs.

Square miles of salt and desalination plants.

Even burgeoning tourism out of “nothing”.

Ingenious canal system taking water from the north Dead Sea to the South through the evaporated middle. They are even harvesting huge quantities of salt in the south to keep the water from rising into the factories and hotels.

And a huge moment of pride as we were able to make it to the Hadassah Hospital where my recently deceased Aunt, Estelle Siegel bequeathed a large sum of money to build “Granny’s Garden” helping connect the hospital to the medical schools and surrounding buildings.

The director of development met us and graciously gave us a tour of the facility (largest hospital facility in all of Israel), especially the space that will be the garden. Construction starts in April and should be open in the Fall.

It encompasses a large section of space that now is three or four smaller gardens It will have paths, sitting areas, spectacular foliage and a space for patients and staff to relax – or just enjoy seeing.

We’re also introduced to the Garden’s planner/designer who worked with Estelle and her daughters very closely to make her vision come to life.

Tali also gave us a private tour of the hospital’s Chagall windows. Talk about mind-blowing. Each panel is more special than the other, reflecting what the hospital stands for. Everyone is welcome.


What a way to end such a wonderful trip! So beautiful, and so personal.

We’ll wake up at 4 am tomorrow and be back in the US in the early afternoon (12 hour flight). But the length of the flight will give us a chance to reflect on so much. We are really happy you were able to join us…. See you in Alaska later this summer.

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7 Responses to Eilat to Jerusalem – Last Full Day

  1. Pat Alexy Stoll says:

    What a wonderful trip! Have a safe flight home. Pat and Don

  2. Wendy and Ray Miske says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip and letting us live it vicariously. It has seemed an amazing experience.

    We really enjoyed our driving/ferry trip across Canada, through the Yukon and Alaska, and down the passage way. We will look forward to your blog.


    • jfdowshen says:

      Hi Wendy and Ray,
      We’ll be doing Alaska in late August. An inner passage cruise to start, then renting a car to do the land portion. If you have any must see or must do suggestions they would be welcome. In the meantime we hope all is well with you.

  3. Pauline Candaux says:

    The Chagall windows are breathtaking! We have to go back – we missed so much!

  4. dona says:

    chagall windows; wow!! gorgeous. i loved your trip. looking forward to seeing you both soon. travel well. xo, dona

  5. judylobo says:

    Thanks for taking US along – and the best part is – we do not have jet lag. Safe trip home.

  6. Nancy says:

    Have really enjoyed my daily travels with you and Marsha. I am exhausted just watching. All the beautiful sights left me breathless. Thanks for vacationing for all of us armchair travelers.
    I will beat you to Alaska though. See you sunday

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