Negev WiFi?

Really?! Sitting on the bus in the middle of the Negev desert when a WiFi signal pops up. I’m sending this as a test to see if our eyes are deceiving us. Comment if you get it. On our way to Eilat and Petra, Jordan. Will get back with more later. Hope all is well with everyone.


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11 Responses to Negev WiFi?

  1. Rhoda Altman says:

    Ceases never wonder!

  2. Susan Pushman says:

    I got it and really enjoying your posts.

  3. Jane Eleey says:

    Yes, /Really enjoying your trip vicariously.


  4. dona says:

    the rest of the world is much more ahead of and connected via wi fi than in the usa

  5. Pauline Candaux says:

    No, keep trying!

  6. Sekita Ahlstrom says:

    We got it in Denmark and are following your mind blowing trip. It is wonderful. Lots of love Frits and Sekita

  7. Jessica says:

    Where was the wifi source?

  8. Pat Alexy Stoll says:

    We are in Florida Joel, and we got it! Sounds like an amazing trip. Stay safe❤️Pat

  9. Patricia & Ralph says:

    We just picked it up this morning…you’re coming in loud and clear.

  10. CarolK says:

    Got your comment and photo through my email notification. Have a great second part of your trip!

  11. judylobo says:

    Got this photo AND I got your comment(s) on both my Sunday blog and facebook. There is no hiding anymore…

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