Aliens Sited in Vancouver

I know it’s been a long, long day and a long, long way to get us to beautiful Vancouver, but after checking in to our hotel and struggling off on the Sky Train to see the downtown, we have to look twice and rub our eyes and question our state of wakefulness when we see this a hundred times over:


Vancouver is a Pacific Rim city in a gorgeous setting. We expected to see, and did see beautiful faces reflecting european, asian, and indigenous backgrounds…. But this! Whoa. It turns out they were just “visitors”….


It may not have been a surprise to you Anime fans, but we got quite a shock for sure.

So we pushed on for a long walk on the waterfront (a lot longer than we thought) on a sunny, 80 plus degree day (“It’s always like this” said a few locals – wink, wink).


The “teardrop”, a sculpture near Canada Place by the cruise ships and float planes and marina after marina.


Finally made it to Stanley Park, hot and with hot dogs. So we found the shuttle that takes you to all the special places where you can get on and off for the view. This is not an old slide from a trip to Denmark (looks like the Little Mermaid doesn’t it?). It’s a tide marker – high tide when it reaches her hand.


The special “pebble sculptures” at Second Beach.


From there we walked another couple miles back to the historic West End and our Sky Train stop, making plans for our self-guided walking tour tomorrow before boarding the boat to Seward.

Our hotel was near a large Korean population so we ate in a little Korean restaurant nearby. Sitting around a hot-pot, bi-bim-bap, giant seafood pancake, fried tofu (the ultimate in health food oxymorons), and a Hite beer, was just what we needed.

(Seem to be having a problem with WiFi in hotel. If all photos are not posted, will try again later…sorry if you’re disappointed…. Didn’t want to ruin your day — Have a good one!)

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2 Responses to Aliens Sited in Vancouver

  1. Stoll Don says:

    I visited Vancouver for the Winter Olympics some years ago and was blown away. Great public transportation and amazing food. Enjoy.

  2. Rhoda Altman says:

    fabulous! want to go! Rhoda

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