Ship to Catamaran to Kenai Fjords

Our last day at sea — sailing toward Seward — last chance for on-board explorations….

photo(4)Sorry to scare you with this not exactly stunning selfie, but the Holland America Line Foundation sponsored a 5K money-raising walk on-deck for the fight against cancer. We happily donated and participated in the 12-laps around the quarter-mile deck. By the way, Linda almost lapped us.

We attended our last culinary show on the Flavors of the Northwest, coming away with recipes for herb crusted scallops and Dungeness crab cakes. Let us know when you can come over for dinner.

We saw a great film about Glacier Bay produced by the National Park Service, and had our last Sip & Savor wine tasting, this time with shrimp, capers and spring onion bruschetta. Always a great way to ease into dinner.

After a final gargantuan breakfast (I actually only gained 3 pounds this week) we departed the Statendam in a surprisingly organized/easy fashion. Our Seward hotel shuttle was waiting and took our luggage to the hotel while dropping us off at the small boat harbor where we would board the catamaran taking us into the Kenai Fjords for a six-hour adventure.

At the harbor on a gorgeous day with the Statendam in the background.

Toward our catamaran. The boats that take you into the Kenai Fjords National Park are all boarded by park rangers who are expert in all phases of the geography, wildlife and flora of the area. They offered insights all day and knew just where to find the local critters.

On our way, leaving the harbor quickly behind. These catamarans can really move.

Our first look at some of the glaciers and ice fields forming the fjords.

And the beautiful geography left behind.

A glacier at work. A fjord is actually a body of water surrounded by rocky cliffs created by glaciation. Nowhere better to see the results than here!

We slow down as we reach the head of the Holgate Glacier (if memory serves me right). No better day to see the strikingly blue ice – although a cold wind sweeping down from the glacier defied the sun.

A quiet moment to just look and wonder and listen.

As we move away the captain spots a pod of orcas (killer whales) cavorting off our starboard.

Soon after, a blow and a fluke of a humpback.

We settled in for a surprisingly delicious lunch prepared right on-board — delicious grilled salmon and a succulent boneless ribeye, carved to your liking, sides and desserts. All you could eat.

As our ride continued the ranger pointed out two kinds of puffins, bald eagles, kittiwakes, and cormorants.

We saw this “king of the rock” fight between steller sea lions, and sightings of sea otters and mountain goats. It was a great day for viewing. Wish I had my long lens.

And, what would a Kenai Fjord trip be without a blue glacier ice margarita? The ice was fished out of the water by the crew (so they say).

Not big margarita fans, but who could resist.

What a special way to spend a day. We cruised back to the harbor, found the shuttle to the hotel, and later into town to eat at the highly touted “Chinook” restaurant. A nice, friendly local place. But, sad to say, the recommended fresh halibut was overcooked. My quest for deliciously prepared Alaskan halibut goes on.

Tomorrow…exploring Seward and boarding our evening Gold Dome train to Anchorage.

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  1. Carol Aldy says:

    Always enjoy your travelogues! Thanks for sharing…brought back such fun memories of our adventures in Alaska 20 years ago. Safe, fun travels always! Carol & Joe, Smartours India

  2. dona says:

    absolutely gorgeous

  3. Nancy burns says:

    Love your posts.. Dinner anytime….did you get halibut at Humpys? Mine was great.

  4. Wow, wow, wow. I want our kids to see this so they will come with us next summer!

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