Let’s Play a Game

Pretend we’re not here!

We’re actually on day three, having left the pyramids and the Sphinx, flown to Aswan, toured the new and old Aswan dams (where the Nile begins) and the temples of Phila Island — And boarded our river boat for the cruise up the Nile.

But our photos still won’t load! So, here’s the deal. Just pretend we’re not here yet (while we continue to take note and notes and pix). Then we’ll “begin” our joint journey after we arrive (home), a little after March 7th.

So our trip’s been delayed a few days. You won’t even remember…right?

Marsha & Joel

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One Response to Let’s Play a Game

  1. bob collins says:

    Hi, looking forward to tagging along once again….time warp and all ! Hope everything else goes well….

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