Somewhere Under the Rainbow

No kidding. The day started really wet and windy, but a rainbow outside our hotel promised the day would be forgiving. By the time we got to Torres del Paine National Park the rain would subside. And just before, at the Mylodon Cave Natural Monument this full rainbow would greet us.

And, as an aside, if you really think we’ve been exaggerating about wind, check out this video of poor Marsha trying to get out the front door of our hotel in Puerto Natales…

Decapitation is not out of the question!
The extinct Mylodon (whose fossilized skin and bones were discovered here) greets visitors daring to enter the cave.

This largest cave in the area provided a long, OSHA non-approved, rocky walkway that was well worth the risk. The conglomerate rock formations were spectacular, as was the strange, resurrected cave guy watching us leave as we left (actually a dead tree). Human remains and tools as well as the Dwarf Horse” Hippidion, the saber-toothed cat Smilodon and the litoptern Macrauchenia were also found in the busy cave.

We left the caves as the wind cleared the sky, but unfortunately left a layer just obstructing the the main Patagonia Andes chain, including the iconic Three Towers, just peaking out of the mist in the distance. The park is huge and so spectacular that it is considered one of the natural wonders of the world by many. This is the Chile side, and we’ll be going into the Argentina side in a couple of days. That is truly the blue of the lake, considered a prime source of nature’s energy.

A panicked, or angry guanaco off and running.

Wow. What an amazing day. Beautifully overloaded senses, sore feet, and blown minds. Grateful for a long, relaxing ride back to Puerto Natales, a quick bite to eat and bed to make ready for tomorrow’s long journey across the border into Argentina, around this chain of Andes to El Calafate, a fairly modern city made for tourists and adventurers about to venture into the wilds of Patagonia

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3 Responses to Somewhere Under the Rainbow

  1. Linda Reid says:

    What an awesome picture with a full rainbow. It’s rare to see both ends all the way to the ground.

  2. Nancy Boccadoro says:

    Wow! Gorgeous scenery! Are you doing this tour with SmarTours or another tour company?

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