Last Day — Tigre…and Home

Hard to believe, but it was the last day of our adventure(s) in Chile and Argentina. Since our overnight flight back to Miami didn’t leave until about 10 pm we decided to bus out of Buenos Aires north about 25 miles to explore the city and delta of Tigre – a weekend getaway for hard-working locals.

We stopped about half way to look at the view back to Buenos Aires (above), and to see where lots of families spend a day swimming, sunbathing and fishing. Granted, it ain’t the soft white sand beach of the Jersey shore, but you happily use what you have.

The “Latte-colored” waters of the rio de la Platta as we mentioned earlier, are tinted by sediment deposited by the waters from South America’s great rivers being forced through smaller tributaries. This area is the third largest river delta in the world.

The city of Tigre was jam-packed with visitors spending the last few days of the summer vacation before heading back to work and school. We made our way to our boat that would head off into the delta to take a look at some of the hundreds of islands used by locals primarily for vacation activities. Yes, the water is clean (despite the color) once out of the dock area canals. Above is one of many boat clubs, this one pretty extravagant.

Our cruise took us past hotels/clubs, one of the largest amusement parks in South America, private and rental homes with boat docks, and nature, all gently coexisting.

All to be enjoyed…bathers, canoes, kayaks, even two and four man/woman shells out of rowing clubs.

We go to Long Beach Island. Local Argentinians go to Tigre. We’re all looking for something.

It was time to go, reluctantly. And it’s time now to thank our terrific local guides, “Patagonia” Patty on the right and “Argentina“ Nadia, both of whom made our latest adventure one of the most educational, interesting and pleasurable of all. SmarTours came through again, cleverly, by contracting with people like Patty and Nadia.

We’re also thrilled to have shared our travels with a special group of 15 other like-minded adventurers from all over the US; Phoenix, Fresno, Idaho, Florida, Texas, Utah, Cleveland, and even New Jersey. Together we’ve probably touched virtually every corner of the Earth. We have no doubt that many of us will meet again.

More treasured memories! So glad we could share them with you! What’s next on the horizon? We have some ideas. What about you?

Be well. Be happy. And, safe travels.

Marsha & Joel

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  1. Pauline says:

    Looks like a fabulous trip!

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