Revisiting Oaxaca by Way of Puebla

We said goodbye to Mexico City’s hustle and bustle, and traffic at eight in the morning. It’s a long, long way cutting a path between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean through the rugged high desert of the Sierra Madres.

Before we got deep into the mountains we made a stop to explore the beautiful city of Puebla. It was founded in 1531 and it combines Spanish-Colonial architecture with a thriving cosmopolitan city. We walked a bit, had some lunch and then hired a double decker bus to better explore the historic downtown and unique living sections in the limited amount of time we had. We’ll let the photos speak for themselves (almost).

Cathedral de Puebla
The second largest cathedral in Mexico decorated everywhere by statues of angels, inside and out.

But, we had to start making our way to Oaxaca mostly along an amazingly engineered highway winding over and down the impressive mountains. Shrines to deadly accidents do keep our attention as our masterful driver smooths out the ride while passing struggling, double tractor trailers and slower cars.

It looked like we would be arriving too late for the restaurant in the Oaxaca hotel, so we stopped at a roadside rest stop/restaurant to get a late dinner before we made our final hour or so. It turned out to be quite good, helping mellow us a bit after the nearly 8 hour journey. We frustratingly got a little lost finding the hotel, but we did, and fell asleep even before we go unpacked.

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