Univ. of AZ & Desert Museum

Headed off to the western part of town to explore museums on the beautiful U of AZ campus, and further west to the huge, outdoor Desert Museum. A gorgeous day, starting cold in the upper 30s moving quickly to near 70 and short-sleeves. Bright, bright blue sky.

The Center for Creative Photography

On exhibit in the beautiful building was part of it’s extensive collection of Ansel Adams’ prints. Probably 50-60 of some of the most beautiful photographs of nature and National Parks. Always inspiring and awesome.

The Building

Next, across the way to the Museum of Art

Marsha and a glowing Rothko

An extensive, wide-ranging permanent collection.

The Border Project

An exciting project at the University Museum now…dealing with the Mexican/US border; soundscapes, landscapes and lifescapes. This is Arizona; the controversial land and law encouraging law enforcement to stop any non-anglo for papers proving they are legal. Yes folks. Right here in the good ole’ USA!

Discrimination to Olive Branches

Interesting juxtaposition. From the Border Project to beautiful rows of olive trees on  the campus walks.  Off to the Desert Museum….

Welcomed by a fine example of crested saguaro

Everyone else ran....

…when the mountain lion appeared. But I stood my ground, for art, and snapped away (behind the fence).

The Museum is terrific. Acres and acres of local flora and fauna. It’s everything you see in the parks, but concentrated and beautifully presented; opening up sights you might wait years to see in multiple park visits.

Javalina Sighting!

Hey Pooles…not the family we saw in the wild (parking lot), but a javalina is still a javalina…not a pig!

Cacti of every kind


The Eye Music of Organ Pipes

Big Horn

Purple is Always Queen

Final Museum Vista Before...

…moving into our new hotel on the west side of Tucson. Strange sight across the street (near some tennis courts in a park) — a line of pup tents and people milling around??? After dinner, watching the news we discover that an occupy movement group has been set up right here! Recent complaints have the cops coming to move them. We’ll see, and try to get some photos tomorrow.

In the meantime, we went to the Cafe Poca Cosa for dinner — on recommendation of friend Dale Norley…and the New York Times 36 hours in Tucson. Delicious, authentic regional Mexican cuisine. My Mole Negra was as good as we had in Oaxaca. However, the opening salsa was no match for the little local restaurant, Guadalajara we ate in last night. It was the best we’ve ever had, made by a Mexican woman to order at our table (part of every meal). Also, the lighting was so low we could barely see the beautiful presentation and colors the food offered (perhaps a function of age). Overall great though. Thanks Dale! tomorrow off to the Kartchner Caverns and the town of Bisbee, near the Mexican border.

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3 Responses to Univ. of AZ & Desert Museum

  1. Felipe says:

    Careful with those mountain lions they’ll make you into human salsa.

  2. Sarah Milstein says:

    I was scrolling through these pictures a little too fast this morning, because I kept thinking, “Wait. Why is Judy in Arizona? I thought she was in Tampa this week.” Then I got to the bottom picture of Marsha, which clued me in. Oy.

  3. Larry says:

    I envy your trip to the photo museum at U. AZ. Eugene Smith’s whole collection is there.
    Also drooling for the mole and salsa!

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