A Very Full Day Around Tucson

A couple of hours of jet-lag “helped” us get up at 4 AM, so we got an early start on the day. A quadruple-the-calories as usual breakfast (hey, it’s free with the room) stretched our stomachs enough to require a supermarket stop to buy quintuple-the-calories stash for lunch and snacks. What is it about vacations? Since we were on the east side of Tucson we decided to do the eastern part of Saguaro National Park – Rincon mountain district, then the 28 mile drive up Lemon Mountain…9,000 feet through six climatic zones — high desert to Canadian snow. Finally to the absolutely spectacular Sabino Canyon, a pure desert oasis. All this from a cold 40 degree morning to crisp, sunny 60’s. The next few days will be sunny and through the 70’s. Poor us. Anyway, check out these photos to get a much better idea!

A Big Saguaro "Hi"

Ranger Guided Tour Worth its Weight....

Barrel, Prickly Pear, Cholla...All Keep King Saguaro Company

Some Have as Many as 59 Arms

Rare Ones Do Their Hair Up

Starting up Mt. Lemon From 2,000' High Desert....

...to Snow-Covered Pines....

...to the Southern-Most Ski Slope in the US....

Incredible Views to the Desert Floor Below....

A Pointed Welcome to Sabino Canyon

Cacti as Far as the Eye Can See in Late Afternoon Shadow

An Oasis in the Desert

After a long and great day, a rewarding Mexican dinner….

After One Beer Joel Thinks the Light Fixture is a Sombrero???

To bed and to the Desert Museum, Univ. of Arizona Photography Museum, and old Tucson tomorrow. See ya’.

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One Response to A Very Full Day Around Tucson

  1. dale says:

    Great story Marsha. Enjoy the desert museum. It is one of my favorite places. If near the Hotel Arizona and the library in Tucson itself, eat BREAKFAST or lunch at Little Poca Cosa…best mexican you will ever have! Poca Cosa Cafe around the corner is also fabulous for lunch or dinner (same family). Around the college area, go to Martines for mole…a little tiny place on fourth street…BYOB. Enjoy some for us.
    Keep up the photos. thanks.

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