Scottsdale to the Red Rocks and Back

Starting up the Sunrise Trail with Mike

Some great trails right behind Jane’s and Mike’s house. Mike and Joel took the “sunrise trail”, about a 1,000 ft. climb and 4.5 mile total walk. A beautiful day for it, and some tired feet.

Mike the Local Guide

At the Peak....

That’s their house…third street on the left at the cul-de-sac.

At the Phoenix Native American Fair

Demonstrating the carrying basket suspended from the woman’s forehead. They can carry 80 pounds or so. Some beautiful crafts and local food. An interesting afternoon.

Our Gracious Hosts at, of Course, the Fry-Bread Stand

A stop at the Arizona Biltmore

If it's Monday it must be Sedona

Our third trip back to the beautiful red-rock country. Unfortunately a little overcast, but still spectacular. Cathedral rock above.

An Old Friend Stops to Greet Us

The Palatki Ancient Cave Paintings

A hurried, long, dirt road drive to make it just 30-minutes before closing. but we do get a chance to hear a ranger explain some of the extraordinary hieroglyphs and petroglyphs.

Very Early Native American Art

The Ancients View from This Pristine Valley

Black Paintings on the Smoke-Stained Walls

Misty View from the Red Rocks Loop Road

There wasn’t to be the usual spectacular sunset viewed from the Sedona Airport, so we took the long ride back to Scottsdale for another beautiful dinner with Jane and Mike.

The next morning we headed for the Desert Botanical Gardens. Here’s a little video taste for you. Click on the link below. The next post will have some still pix from this amazingly beautiful place. Hope you’re having fun too!

Desert Botanical Gardens



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  1. Pauline Candaux says:

    Wonderful pictures! You guys are having a great time, I can tell!!

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