Winding Down

The trip is done. Arrived home safely last night, tired and sad that it’s over, but full of great memories. As Marsha always says: “Your know the vacation was good…if you need a vacation when you get home!”

We were too busy spending quality time with Jane & Mike, getting last minute visits in, and organizing for our return — to finish the blog with info about our last two days. They were great days, so here’s a synopsis:

Edward Cactushands

In the last blog (with the video preview of the Botanical Gardens) we promised a couple of more shots. It was an absolutely perfect day. Large saguaros and other large variety cactus can hold some 900 pounds of water to sustain themselves. That requires an extremely strong skeleton to keep them from collapsing. The guy above was exposed to a freeze, and the relatively young arm’s skeleton softened; result seen.

The Spring Blooms Were Just BeginningThe Spring Blooms Were Just Beginning.

Just Imagine a Desert-Full!

Unrestricted, Joyful Growth!

Jumping (for joy?) Cholla

Marsha's Fav...Purple tinted Prickly-Pear

Genetically Altered Cacti???

Nope. A Dale Chihuly installation left these amazing glass sculptures at the entrance…. Which leads us to our next stop, the very man-made SMOCA (The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art).

A Dramatic Entrance to a World-Class Museum

Around the First Corner....Around the first corner a spectacular installation by James Turrell, an artist we’ve come to love and follow for his incredible ability to link natural light and space. Here a round enclosed structure with a couple of built in benches and a hole exposed to the sky on top. You can watch the ever changing progress of the sun, or clouds, or birds, or planes crossing the real space, or their reflections or shadows around the walls in beautiful abstractions.

Historic Downtown Scottsdale....

…is charming and beautifully designed/restored with endless opportunities for souvenir or serious shopping, sightseeing, and great dining.

The Sunset From Jane's & Mike's Patio...

…was enhanced by some brush fire smoke in the distance.

Frank Lloyd Wright at the Phoenix Art Museum

Another first-class museum….

...With a Surprise Otterness Outside...

A Sol Lewitt Sphere in the Main Gallery

...And an Extensive Permanent Collection in a Beautifully Designed Space.

We went back for a hike along Lost Dog Trail near Jane & Mike, dinner, and pack-up for the long day home.

A Rare Crested Saguaro on the Lost Dog Trail

It’s stood there over a hundred years,

Every day before a different sunset.

Today’s is deep purple with blood orange fringe

Reflected in its fluted green,

Outstretched, welcoming arms.

Arms we dare not touch.

It’s faced so much,

Yet its back

Has never once seen the sun.


Hey…. See you guys in India!

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