Sweet, Sweet River

We start off early in the morning to cruise the spectacular Rio Dulce (Sweet River)…a 48 km round trip on a high-speed power boat that takes us to Livingston and back through a series of gorges cut through the jungle with hundreds of exotic birds along the way.


A quick stop first at Castillo de San Felipe, a kind of miniature medieval castle. It was used to protect against British pirates who raided supplies and harassed mule trains. The Spanish were furious at them  and built the mini-fort.

We stopped to drop off our bags at the quirky Catamaran hotel. Yes, Marsha is pointing at our actual cabin on stilts in the river. We never slept better.

A common view along the river. Jungle, gorges, birds and fishermen using nets and hand lines to pull in some amazing catches. We tried to buy a 10 lb. bass to bring back for the chef to cook for dinner. The fisherman was off to get a better price.

Some typical Mayan architecture along the sweet river. Rich foreigners reside along local poverty, but the laws never allow the land owned to the rich to be fully theirs. Certain circumstances allow the locals to reclaim property.

Entering the jungle gorges.

Finally the town of Livingston at the mouth of the Atlantic ocean. An amazing town of mixed blood and mixed sensibilities. Once a hippie haven (can still smell the ganja) that’s a conglomeration of Maya, Spanish, Black Islanders, Indians, etc. A bit like a jungle paradise NYC?

Pure Mayan faces, happy with life.

A rasta bar, selling a little of everything, liquid and beyond.

Color everywhere.

Local lunch stop. Great. Conch “steak” in garlic special. Was in heaven.

Local braiding after lunch. They only wanted to get hold of Marsha’s beautiful locks. She did not succumb.

Back to our cabin…Charlie, for a beautiful sleep. Tomorrow the Mayan site of Quirigua and it’s carved Stelae, and off to Honduras and Copan.

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  1. Larry says:

    I’m up for the conch steak with garlic!

  2. Wonderful to see you both continuing and sharing your travels. Thanks.

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