Drowning in Temples

Rain in Sicily this time of year is usually not the norm. If it does, it comes in drops and drizzles…except when our group starts off early to reach Agrigento, and eventually Taormina. We have a long drive ahead of us to cross the length of the island from northwest to the southeast.

Umbrellas and layers of warm clothes are in order. Fortunately most of the day will be spent in the bus.

The Temple of Juno

About two and a half windshield wiping hours we reach our first stop, the UNESCO listed Valley of the Temples. Undaunted, we don what rain gear we have, put up our umbrellas and step back into history.

The Temples lie in the shadow of the modern city of Agrigento and are considered by many, the finest and best preserved Greek temples in the world.

The temples were originally built to flaunt the Greek victory over Carthage. They didn’t have an easy time as they had to withstand a sack by the Carthaginian’s, mishandling by the Romans, and neglect by the Christians and Muslims. All sing now…. “We are the world….”

A modern sculptor’s Icarus who was said to crash here after his wax wings melted because he flew too close to the sun — Didn’t listen to his father’s advice!

The rain let up a bit as we began the drive further east toward the glamorous Taormina. But first a stop at rural farmhouse with quality agricultural products and to sample really traditional Sicilian foods for lunch.

Our main luncheon plate of couscous, arancini, delicious caponata, local honey, cheeses, and local meats. It was accompanied by an Etna rosso wine, olive oil produced on the farm, and the traditional local cassata cake (for you cheese cake fans).

Off now to our hotel in posh and popular Taormina, actually just north in Giardini Naxos, a little resort area near the beach.

The view of Mt. Etna from our hotel. We are literally sandwiched by Mt. Etna and the Ionian Sea (Mediterranean). The rain all day this day translates to snow on Etna as you can see. The snow will probably be gone tomorrow when we explore the peak’s active craters.

A little “light” dinner at one of many local restaurants before hitting the sack. Tomorrow we visit Etna. Hopefully she’ll be in a good, and welcoming mood.

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  1. Looks like a great trip. Enjoy!!!!

  2. smarTours says:

    Looks like a magical adventure thus far (despite the weather!) Following your adventure has been such a delight for our team. Wishing you continued joy and discovery as you explore this beautiful island with smarTours!

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