Art(full) Miami




Our last day in Miami. We check out of the hotel, hop into the rental car and decide to do some “art” hopping before catching our late PM flight.

First stop is in the much ballyhooed Wynwood Arts District — an old industrialized, warehouse district in the western part of Miami — that is now a magnet for galleries, museums, and artists’ work-spaces.


The Rubell Family Collection is an eclectic, exciting, gathering of contemporary artwork. 27 galleries chock full of familiar and unfamiliar, new art. This work by Oscar Murillo (among four other huge site-specific paintings) is astounding.


Winding our way from gallery to gallery, an amazing and often exciting collection unfolds. We’re not sure if these Bud cans are an exhibit or just ready for a Superbowl party???


Part of the “Alone Together” current exhibition.


Marsha – Alone Together….


After iconic Japanese art….


We head out on foot to explore Wynwood. Old buildings like these have gotten the contemporary art treatment…and it all works.


Vibrant murals are everywhere.


We watched the young artist — displaying her creations in this gallery — as she painted the outside wall of the building, advertising her work.


Even the crosswalks get in on the act.


The Beatles too…”art is all you need”….


A courtyard between a couple of restaurants that’s been “attacked” by a few of local artists. It’s everywhere, and it’s great.


Even in he dark of the early evening, every space is an artspace.


We had time to take a peek at the surprising Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami. They had some amazing exhibits among an impressive permanent collection. This exhibit by Stephen Knapp was truly mind-blowing.


No photos are allowed in the Museum, but (sshhhh) an iPhone captured one of Knapp’s amazing pieces. Believe it or not they are “constructed” by a single white light source that is reflected and refracted through carefully placed clear glass, mirrors, and shaped chrome hardware to create the spectacular colors and designs.

The museum is also home to a pavilion for contemporary glass and studio arts that is one of the best we’ve seen.







So our journey has reached its final day…and a fitting one, reflecting all the ancient and new color and surprises of Central America and Southern Florida. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the trip and look forward to traveling with you again soon. Be well.

Marsha & Joel

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2 Responses to Art(full) Miami

  1. Rhoda says:

    Welcome home! Fun traveling with you!
    As to travel, reunion in spring with new friends from my Paris/Barcelona trip.
    Will be away again in 2 weeks… Naples, FL., St Thomas a few weeks ago …
    all lovely invitations…
    Love, Rhoda

  2. judith wolfe says:

    I have loved coming along on your journey but was beginning to think that you two had run away from home and were never coming back. Welcome home.

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