Bound for the Middle East (Israel & Jordan)

Marsha and I will be heading off for Israel and Jordan in a few days. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to come along…via our blog posts. As a past subscriber You’ll be getting email notices each time we post. Of course you can read or ignore…or unsubscribe. Better yet, read, or just look at the photos and send your comments (that really makes us feel like you’re with us!).

This post is also serving as a test since we’re using a new iPad as our communication platform. So, we’d really appreciate some feedback as to how the type and photos (clarity and size) are translating. The following are a few photos from a recent visit in the snow to our local Grounds For Sculpture. I’ll post them in a couple of sizes. Let me know which looks best on your screen. (If you would like to see all the photos, let me know and I’ll send you a link to the gallery).

Enjoy. Be well. And please join us on this new adventure.

Medium Size???

Large Size???

Here are just a couple more (large):





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16 Responses to Bound for the Middle East (Israel & Jordan)

  1. Sandy SchwartzBird says:

    Coming in late with a reply. Love the winter sculpture shots. The snow adds some fun to the poses.

  2. bob collins says:

    Glad to be going along, prefer larger photo…..have fun…bob collins

  3. Jackie Cherry says:

    Marsha and Joel,
    Is this your second time around the world, or is it the third??
    Wishing you a wonderful journey and happy to be part of it!
    Thank you for including me.
    Large size is good for me.
    All the best, love,

  4. felipe says:

    Test test. The large looks better

  5. Wendy and Ray Miske says:

    Hi Marsha and Joel, Ray and I would enjoy seeing your photos from Isreal and Jorden, especially since those are possible destinations for us in the future.
    Your photos of the sculptures were great – especially the last two. It is hard for me to comment on size since we are staying at our sons and so I am viewing these on an iPhone.

    • jfdowshen says:

      Hi Wendy & Ray! Great to hear from you. We’re looking forward to this trip, and especially hope we find some traveling companions as fun and adventuresome as you guys (always makes it better). Hopefully we can coordinate another adventure together sometime soon. Enjoy your kids, and have a great new year!

      Marsha & Joel

  6. Lea says:

    Dear Marsha and Joel! Have a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to read all about it and see some amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Yasuko says:

    Hi Marsha and Joe, the world travelers! I will be looking forward to your posts from Israel and Jordan. Large size suits me well. I’ll tell Sherrin about your travel because she and her husband visited Israel in 20011 to attend his cousin’s wedding and Milton & Aviva in Haifa. Have a safe trip! Yasuko

  8. Jane Eleey says:

    Large is clear and good. Looking forward to your posts.


    P.S. Epstein torte in the spring at our house!

  9. Rhoda Altman says:

    Grounds for Sculpture holds a special place in my heart because I was there with Jon, we so enjoyed it.
    Prefer large picture format. Is nude with dripping nipples a Duane Hanson?
    Look forward to traveling with you!
    Bon Voyage!

  10. Susan Pushman says:

    Any size looks good to me. Looking forward to your posts as always. Enjoy your trip! Susan

  11. Pat Alexy Stoll says:

    Hi Joel and Marsha! Your photos are beautiful as usual. I agree with Mark on the size. Our daughter Genny got engaged over Christmas, so Don and I are visiting her and her fiancee in Guam. We went to Korea, Thailand, Slovakia (for the travel writing again), and Mexico. It’s been a busy year. We have followed your travels and will continue to do so. Be safe and have fun! Pat and Don

  12. Sekita Ahlstrom says:

    Love the bigger size and cannot wait to join you on your trip to Jordan and Israel. When I get back to the States we are going directly to the Sculpture Garden – it’s a wondrous place and seeing it once is definitely not enough. Love Sekita

  13. Mark Bilak says:

    Hi Joel & Marsha, The late size photo looks good to me here in K-ville. Safe travels to you on your upcoming trip. All the Best, Mark

  14. Stephen & Genie Werbel says:

    Good to hear from you. Enjoy this upcoming journey–we haven’t been there yet. Eagerly looking forward to reading your comments and seeing your pix. Steph & Genie

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