Neither Snow Nor Sleet….

Made it! Not a stress-free task after the last week’s weather forecasts (were already looking at our trip insurance), but we made it to Tel Aviv actually 20 minutes early on this Valentine’s Day. Just wanted to let you know that the trip…and the Blog is on.

Arrived late in the afternoon and got to the hotel (right on the beach in Tel Aviv) and immediately took a walk along the beach (just before sunset on Shabbat) to the old city of Jaffa to grab a bite to eat. Our dear friends Pauline and Sol just had suggested a wonderful Arab restaurant near the old tower.

So in we went to Haj Kahil as they were able to squeeze us in on a busy Friday night and, yes, Valentine’s. We were almost at a loss in choosing from the amazing menu. Full of fresh, fresh Middle Eastern goodies, some familiar and some not so much. Then a very nice woman sits down at the table next to ours –Evelyn from the Dominican Republic on a business trip. She ordered an amazing array of everything from the most amazing hummus to kumquats with currants to spicy carrots to pickled leeks to yogurt with walnuts to, to, too! She had been here the day before with a group and had to go again by herself. She ordered so much that we just pulled our tables together, ordered a couple of extra things, and some pomegranate juice and had a feast….

Sated and happy.

Off to bed hoping the trip will all be as special as this first culinary experience.

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7 Responses to Neither Snow Nor Sleet….

  1. Jackie Cherry says:

    just catching up on emails and looking forward to reading all three of your entries…much like episodes…..i do feel like i just had a great meal with friends after experiencing your first chapter….loving it from this side….keep going!

  2. Binnie says:

    I guess ‘foodies’ such as Evelyn from the Dom Repub. naturally find the Dowshens!!
    Great start!

  3. Susan Pushman says:

    My mouth is watering! Was it as good as it looks?

  4. Carol Aldy says:

    We always enjoy your travelogs…Thanks for letting us “tag along” on your great adventures! Russia: Cruise of the Czars is next for us. Hope our wandering paths will cross again some day. Cheers! Carol & Joe from KY (SmarTours India)

  5. dona says:

    i was wondering how things went with departure. that meal looks sooooo yummy. definitely my kind of dining out. have fun. be safe. post great pics. happy valentine’s day.

  6. judylobo says:

    I had no idea you were going to Israel. Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to your posts.

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