Rain and Shine in Tel Aviv/Jaffa

Awoke to the muslim call to prayer this morning (several mosques in Old Jaffa). Looked at my watch and it was 1:30 am??? Maybe an earlier tradition in Arab Israel? Listened closer to find it was the night club downstairs going on until 2 am. Finally back to sleep until thunder and lightning awoke us at about 4 am. But the sun was unexpectedly shining at 7. Almost 60 degrees. Snow almost forgotten.

First stop on a tour of Jaffa and Tel Aviv itself. Up the hill with spectacular views of rapidly expanding Tel Aviv, really the center of modern life in Israel.

The architecture of Tel Aviv expands from the very eclectic styles settlers brought with them from all over the world to the Bauhaus style of the late 30’s and 40’s to the ultra-modern and post-modern structures going up everywhere.

For you Hebrew readers, you’ll know what this is. Maybe the ancient arches will give everyone else a hint. Comes in Kosher and non-Kosher varieties, and has McFelafel sandwiches…really.

After morning tour, went back on our own to explore Jaffa. Delicious schwarma lunch, a look at locked jewish artisan shops (Shabbat) and a surprise to find a beautiful Ethiopian (we think) couple taking photos after their wedding.

And off to see the Ilana Goor museum. Just in from a sculpture of the big fish (whale) – this is where Jonah set off on his journey. Ilana did the sculpture and thought our grandkids would like to see it.

The museum is also her spectacular home. She is still working there. Amazing woman represented in all corners of the earth with her sculpture, paintings, furniture, etc. Surprised to find she actually lived 50 years in the US. Place is full, full of her works and collections of ancient to modern artists. Don’t miss if you’re in Tel Aviv!

Bonus of wonderful views from her terraces and windows.


Another view of expanding Tel Aviv. This is probably how they get around working during Shabbat to keep the country growing. Very cheap labor.

Last look inside the museum before heading back to the hotel in a sudden rain and winds shower. Of course we left raincoats and umbrellas in the room since we left in the sun. Soaked, but happy — some rest, a nice dinner, some blogging and some sleep before heading north tomorrow.

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9 Responses to Rain and Shine in Tel Aviv/Jaffa

  1. Sandy SchwartzBird says:

    As long as it’s warm, getting caught in the rain can be fun. Glad you had some sun! Awesome museum.

  2. felipe says:

    Excellent. Please bring back that palm tree and some sun 🙂

  3. dona says:

    love love love. great pics and commentary. so glad u r having a good experience. enjoy….xo

  4. captaindale says:

    Thanks for the wonderful tour and photos. Glad you are having such a great time. Keep us in the loop. Dale and Alan

  5. Larry R. Kalajainen says:

    We’ve had another snow storm since the one we had the day you left. 🙁 Looked like some yummies in the Arab restaurant pics.

  6. Jessica says:

    Yup. The whale was a hit. Abyl said, “My favorite!”

  7. Pauline Candaux says:

    This is bringing back such good memories! I’m glad you got to the Ilana Gur museum. Have fun!

  8. Sol Katz says:

    Glad you made it back to Old Jaffa and the museum! The artisans in the area are many and very talented! Enjoy it some more, if you get a chance at the end! – best sol
    The pics are great! We, too, ran into many, many Israeli brides who all come there for their pics!

  9. judylobo says:

    Loved the lounging cat in one of the photos. AND – ‘McFelafel sandwiches’ cracked me up.

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