Don’t Ya’ Know Art Deco?

From the Everglades to South Beach…what a contrast! We pull into the Art Deco Welcome Center on Ocean Drive and rent a couple of iPods for a walking tour of the characteristic architectural structures that make the area what it is.

DSC_5838 - Copy - Copy

The Leslie Hotel getting some additional restoration.

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As we walk along Ocean Ave. toward the next building we come across this laid back/thrown back artisan, weaving palm fronds into amazing baskets, bowls, etc. with incredible speed and skill. His patter also sucks us in and we make a couple of purchases. You never know.

DSC_5841 - Copy - Copy

The Carlyle is up and running, and like many of the restorations on Ocean and Collins Aves. offering al fresco drinks and meals to the young South Beach set.

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The Cardozo, named after the  Supreme Court Justice (I knew his great grandson in college) seems to be thriving.

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The Cavalier is a real classic reflecting the geometric patterns and colors of the era.

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The “eyebrows” and rounded corners of the Winter Haven are classic too.

DSC_5845 - Copy - Copy

The Winter Haven interior brings back the true feel of the Art Deco movement.

DSC_5847 - Copy - Copy

The Commodore with its portholes and rounded corners seems to welcome you aboard.

DSC_5848 - Copy - Copy

Public buildings didn’t escape the design. Here’s the working post office. It has a spectacular interior as well.

DSC_5853 - Copy - Copy

Not exactly art deco, but stepping into the present/future. Marsha only bought one pair – not.

DSC_5859 - Copy

The tour continues….

DSC_5865 - Copy

The Tiffany building is ready for blast off.

DSC_5872 - Copy

As we move back toward the center we get the distinct feeling that the area is changing again. Between the type of retail stores (plenty of tattoo parlors and head shops) and the replacement of the hip, chic young inhabitants with kind of sloppy, uncool high school and college kids…we’re reminded of what happened to places like New Hope, PA and South St. in Philly.


It’s still an architectural wonder, and real thanks goes to the Miami Design Preservation League.


As the sun sets on the Marlin we start heading to our old favorite Miami eatery, Joe’s Stone Crabs to celebrate a belated Marsha Birthday.


A picture is worth….

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3 Responses to Don’t Ya’ Know Art Deco?

  1. Rhoda says:

    Yes, Joe’s Stone Crab one of my favorite places! Devine way to go Marsha! Back then we did martini’s, now I’d do champagne. Cheers! Rhoda

  2. Yasuko says:

    This reminds me of some Art Deco buildings Uncle Sidney showed to us when we visited our daughter in Delray (?) eighteen years ago! Fun-filled sightseeing and good food! (Not as good as Joe’s Stone Crabs Marsha had for her belated birthday)

  3. bob collins says:

    Great pics……there is a beach across the street ???

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