Butter or Lard? The Norwegian Blue? Borscht – Hot or Cold?

Those are questions we’ve had over the years about Scandinavia and Russia.

Our Danish friends have been frustrated with us forever – trying to explain the etiquette of using either butter or lard as a base in building your own scrumptious Danish open face sandwich.

Marsha and I differ on the existence of Monty Python’s Norwegian Blue Parrot. Are they indeed ex-parrots lost while pinin’ for the fjords, imitations readily available at local pet shops, or merely sleeping?

One grandmother said, “hot”, one said, “cold”; one said, “beet”, one said, “Schav”. What to do?

We’re set to find out about these and other vitally important facts and foibles as we head off to Scandinavia and Russia on August 23rd. And…. You’re invited to join us.

(Actually a beautiful, brand new installation at Grounds for Sculpture)

Marsha’s rehearsing entrance to the amazing and a bit frightening time machine that will be taking us forward…and back into Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia. Forward into the new, and back, reminiscing with our dear Danish friends, Sekita and Fritz (about the many special times we’ve spent together in Denmark and in Switzerland, in Corfu and in the U.S.).

We’ve got a little time, so gather and send us your own questions, your comments, and your recommendations. We’ll try to answer and use them all as we go. If you have any friends who would be interested, just send them this link:

Scandinavia & Russia with Marsha & Joel

Or forward this email. It will take them to this page where they can sign up for the journey. See you in a couple of weeks!

Marsha & Joel

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6 Responses to Butter or Lard? The Norwegian Blue? Borscht – Hot or Cold?

  1. Anna gorski says:

    Borscht and Schav big difference. Hot or cold different countries of origin.
    Always excited to take part in you travels.
    Will be in northern India and Nepal in March 2019. I guess we will miss eachother

    • jfdowshen says:

      Hi Anna! Great to hear from you. My mother was a cold borscht maven while my paternal grandmother loved schav, that I hated! – but her hot borscht with flanken was to die for. So glad you’re going to India and Nepal. It was a special favorite of ours. It is a bit difficult physically and psychologically, but really mind-blowing and mind-altering. The contrasts are so stark and moving. Just be careful of what and where you are eating and drinking (i.e. raw oysters in Vietnam – right?). Marsha only had a minor issue and I was pretty much ok, but bring plenty of Immodium, just in case! Be well…and ENJOY!

  2. Rhoda Altman says:

    Hi Marsha & Joel, Recommended highlights:
    NORWAY: Oslo: Vegeland Park – Colossal sculptures depicting all aspects of humanity; Munch Museum; Bergen – restaurant on top of a mountain – best crepes suzette in the universe, the fyords – take a boat ride.. SWEDEN: Milles Garden – fabulous sculptures along the water; Kings Park – giant chess game. DENMARK: Copenhagen: Tivoli Gardens, the fireworks, the old people smoking pipes & doing Aquavit with beer chasers! FINLAND: Helsinki: Sibelius Monument, outdoor market, huge famous department store.. forgot the name… St. Petersburg – the HERMITAGE!! Could go on…. Enjoy! Love Rhoda

    • jfdowshen says:

      Thanks Rhoda. Great suggestions. Quite a few are on our itinerary, but not all, so thanks. Of course we’ve been to Denmark many times, so, been there done that. Most of our time will be with out friends, so we’ll get some insider (and inside) insites. Hope all is well with you!

  3. Sekita Ahlstrøm says:

    Cannot wait to see you, have a special sculpture park for you to see. Don’t forget to send us details of arrival and departure. Your bed will have been warmed by Nina and family and by Rebekka and family an they are all so sad to have missed seeing you. Luckily there will be room in the bed …… Lots of love from Frits and Sekita

  4. Mark Bilak says:

    Have a great time! I look forward to your travel reports.

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