Dynamite, the Zipper and the Nobel

What do they have in common? Yes, they were invented or conceived in Sweden.

We’re here. After a construction-riddled ride to Kennedy Airport, an eight hour flight to Helsinki, a 3.5 hour layover and one hour delay before our flight to Stockholm. Hooray, and what day is it Mama?

Turns out it’s Friday afternoon, and before we can rest up a bit, a full afternoon of Stockholm, the city built on 14 islands.

Vista of the Old City the way it looked in 1675. OK, maybe not with the amusement park. But you can see the Old City Hall tower, and you’re looking toward the Baltic Sea with only 30,000 islands making up the world’s largest archipelago blocking your view.

We stopped to take a close up look at the Old City Hall, still used by the 101 person council – of whom 53 are women. Probably another reason Sweden functions so well.

Inside, the stairwell where Nobel Prize winners enter the banquet and celebration in their honor. Congratulations Marsha.

That ceiling detail contains a 1,000-pipe organ played from below in one corner of the hall. Would just love to hear a few booming bass notes.

The magnificent local marble-inlaid floor of the Hall. And speaking of stones, the entire Old City is built on solid granite. As we drove through the streets you can see why the Swedes had to invent dynamite to cut through the sheer granite cliffs.

The great “blue” room (it’s not blue?!) next door symbolizes the melding of the East and the West in an amazing display of gilding.

The room’s centerpiece is the controversial woman of the merge. The artist had to justify why he made her hands and feet and eyes so outsized – not popular with many locals.

Can you tell this represents the world’s West….

And this the East.

And the architect maintains his place…by the exit…just in case. Actually a spectacular building, anchoring one of the many islands that make up Stockholm.

On the way back to the hotel we get a good look at the building where the Nobel Prize winners are honored before the banquet/celebration. Interesting that the only Nobel not given in Sweden is the Peace Prize, given in Norway. Why? I don’t know.

Finally back to the hotel to get organized for a full day of exploring Stockholm. We’re pretty exhausted, so off to bed, and see you tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Dynamite, the Zipper and the Nobel

  1. Love this post! I go to Stockholm regularly but somehow have missed that building. Gotta go next time.
    BTW my favorite sushi restaurant is in Stockholm: they are sister restuarants (or were last time I was there: Roppongi sushi or *japansk restaurang seikon (by sheraton in central stockholm),08100310
    Great teashop/bakery, also central: Vete-katten
    hmmmm lots of food…..
    Looking forward to more posts!

  2. Sekita Ahlstrøm says:

    I enjoyed it very much especially since it is bringing you and Marsha so much closer to Copenhagen and me. På gensyn meget snart💕💕💕

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