Parsing Patagonia

Dust off your hikers, get your hat, open up a bottle of Malbec, and grab our hands!

In just a week, Thursday, February 13th, we’ll be catching our flight out of Miami heading for Santiago, Chile where we’ll spend a little time getting oriented before we fly off to Punta Arenas, the southernmost city in Chile – on the Strait of Magellan…our gateway to Patagonia. We’ll be exploring Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia’s parks, waterways, glaciers, fjords, wildlife and flora for about a week. Then to Buenos Aires for a couple of days of urban trekking to get us back in the mood for a return to Miami and home.

It’ll be a bit different from our recent “leisurely” Viking River cruise down the Rhône into Provence. But, what’s life without a little diversity.

Although the internet is spotty in that part of the world, We’ll be posting whenever we can so you can come along. If anyone has some insights that would be helpful, please let us know. If not, let us do the walking. See you next week!

Marsha & Joel

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11 Responses to Parsing Patagonia

  1. James R Cornell says:

    Are you staying at Eco Camp? Tip: don’t do the Torres hike on Saturday, very crowded with Chilean weekenders.

  2. Anna G says:

    This really is uncanny. Your previous post was from Italy as I was leaving Naples. You were going to visit very similar sights. Now you are traveling to South America which I just left. My trip was on a cruise which I know your are too young to attempt. We landed in Santiago , visited Valparaíso and Puerto Montt.unrortunately we couldn’t dock in Puerto Arenas due to weather . We visited Ushuaia , which I was told was the most southern city. We cruised the Cape of Horne, saw Puerto Madryn
    Again due to weather we skipped punte del Este which I was glad, because that gave us 2 days in Montevideo, which I recommend highly. We ended in BA, which I loved from my previous trip there and it didn’t disappoint. I hope you can see Iguasu.
    Can we travel together next time?

    • jfdowshen says:

      Great to hear from you, Anna! The coincidences are pretty eerie, but nice eerie. We really have to talk about a future “coordinated” trip. All the best…and safe travels from Marsha & me!

  3. Rhoda Altman says:

    Sounds terrific! Places I haven’t been… looking forward! Rhoda

  4. Sue Sholtis says:

    We loved Santiago and Valparaiso, In three weeks heading to Portugal and Spain.

    • jfdowshen says:

      Hi Sue. We loved Portugal (went to Madeira too – great) and Spain. Which cities are you hitting? Have fun!

      • Sue Sholtis says:

        Starting in Lisbon, Sintra. Frank’s nephew teaches outside of Lisbon, so will be seeing them. Then on to Seville and probably Cordoba. We will spend three days at Costa Del Sol and visiting the Alhambra. after a train ride we will get to Madrid for 2 nights with a side trip to Toledo. Again the high speed train to Barcelona. I had traveled several years ago with Jolene, but adding some extra stops. LIFE IS GOOD!

        • jfdowshen says:

          It sure is!!! Sounds like a great trip. I’m sure you won’t have time, but we made a side trip to Bilbao to see the Guggenheim museum by Frank Ghery. We were surprised at how amazing the town itself was. We wished we had spend at least another day there. Just in case…

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