What did I Do!? What did I do to create such consternation, ire, confusion. Such fear.

I was just trying to see why the photos at the top of my blogs were not appearing on the email notifications I sent to you. Foolishly, I send a test email, I thought to myself, with a password for security. I quickly learned – YOU CAN’T DO THAT! All subscribers still have it appear in their mail.

So, please don’t panic. There is no password to learn. Nothing else you must do. Just delete that last post. Take a breath. Think nice thoughts about penguins, glaciers, beautiful vistas. And wait until later in the week for the reporting to begin in earnest.

And remember, this post is a test as well, so let me know if something doesn’t look right…or does. Thanks for your forgiveness….

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2 Responses to Sorry!!!

  1. Anna says:

    Oh, I am so glad I wasn’t just me who just could open your previous post.
    All kosher now

  2. Sekita Ahlstrom says:

    You look fabulous and can’t wait to join you and Marsha on your next adventure. Love Sekita

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