Sort of in Santiago

A City of six million people – seven in greater Santiago holds about 40% of Chile’s population. Protests over the last few months because the pretty much autocratic government imposing raises in the subway fares and other non-empathetic policies toward the middle and lower classes. Sound familiar?

Thursday afternoon and we were off to Philly to catch an American flight to Miami for our connection to Santiago, Chile. All looked good until boarding was stopped…to check an engine. Sound familiar? Our recent trip to Italy started similarly, and the flight was actually cancelled, making us a day late.

Fortunately the boarding began again about half an hour later and off we went making it to Miami around turbulent storms only minutes late. Spent and hour luxuriating in the Avianca Lounge using our Visa Reserve card benefit – free drinks, free eats and lovely lounge chairs to wile away the time. If you travel, ask me about this card sometime.

7 1/2 hour flight from Miami to Santiago on Latam Airlines (reviews of the airline weren’t great), but brand new wide-body had lots of room and a great audio visual system. Couple of hours sleep (Marsha had none) and 7:20 am arrival, ready to go on a city tour, hotel check in and afternoon at Leisure.

The largest skyscraper in all of South America and the surrounding Andes shrouded in smog, not from industry, but mainly from autos and diesel powered busses. Just starting to purchase electric vehicles.

But, no Smartours rep to meet us. Really unusual. In fact, to this writing no one knows what’s become of that guide – hoping nothing really bad. Finally a guide from a different tour company was recruited to help. Fortunately he was terrific. Just 17 people in our SmarTours group makes it a little more personal, and comfortable.

Magnificent Chilean Palm in beautiful local garden. Everywhere else though is very brown and dry as the summer offers virtually no rain.
Statue celebrating the Chilean indigenous peoples. Reminiscent of Easter Island, now owned by Chile and not too far away. A trip for another day.

Exhausted, we make ready to have a really early dinner at a recommended local Chilean restaurant. Then to bed for a 3 am wake up, yes 3 am for a 6:30 flight for Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia, and hopefully a look at the Magellanic Penguins – if the predicted rainy, windy weather lets our ferry do it’s thing.

The old City cathedral reflected in the new, moderniced city who the locals now call, “Sanhatten”.
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3 Responses to Sort of in Santiago

  1. Sada Sat Kaur Khalsa says:

    Enjoying your travels vicariously!

  2. Nancy burns says:

    Glad your departure was better this time around

  3. Don Stoll says:

    I’m assuming you will return to Santiago…. If your city tour didn’t include a visit to the public market it is a must see.

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