Croatia Found

We’re here after only 18 long hours door-to-door — from Bordentown to Philly International to London Heathrow and finally to

Zagreb’s spanking new airport (opened just about a month now).

We had a slooow drive to the Sheraton in Zagreb since the rush hours here are crawls. Zagreb’s grown exponentially since the 1950s without much attention to upgrading the infrastructure, i.e. Roads. Public transportation is great with a grid of trams (electric Rollie’s), busses, etc. but Zagrabians love their automobiles. Not much different than everywhere.

The drive takes us through the “Commie Condos”, housing built in the 1950s for the 800,000 residents, fully a quarter of Croatia’s population. From there into the old town and our hotel in the center. Tomorrow we’ll take an in-depth look into the City itself…and get a bit of a history lesson from Rok.

We’re here and will see you tomorrow.

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