Ciao – Off to Italy

It’s time to pack up and fly off to that nifty old boot in the Mediterranean again. Lots of years have passed by, but we have a great excuse to go back and check out some wonderful new places. We’ll be traveling with our friends Linda and Josh Milstein (who we were with in Alaska last year). We’ll be landing in Venice Saturday, November 7th and staying at an AirBnB in Cannaregio — the site of the Venetian ghetto until the late 18th century.

After a couple of days we’ll be renting a car and driving south into the heart of Umbria where we’ll be staying with Josh’s sister and brother-in-law in their magnificent Yoga Borgo (check out their website: Yoga Borgo) — much more about that later. We’ll be off on day trips from there…with you we hope!

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Marsha & Joel

Umbria Anghiari

Anghiari in Umbria. Photo courtesy of Sada Sat Kaur

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